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Hunger? It could be a thing of the past...!

Agro-Corps Ghana | Our Project Focus is varied & multi-faceted

1 | Creation of Agricultural Cooperatives


Creation of effective Agricultural Cooperatives that would produce food crops for Agro-processing plants such as Tomatoes cannery, Cereal added value processing such as Corn for Cornflakes and Wheat for Flour production which would need Wheat Flour Mills.
2 | Storage Facilities


Construction of storage facilities for Agricultural cooperatives in order to reduce post harvest loses. This is a priority we are committed to achieving by striving to provide storage facilities in the form of Food Processing facilities and Silos.
3 | Investment in Research

For Africa to have food security, it is pertinent that resources are invested in Agricultural Research. This would be in the form of partnerships with institutions of higher learning, Research Institutes such as the Cocoa Research Institute in Old Tafo Ghana. We would want to be leaders in research into seeds for farming
4 | Value Addition

Value Added
To build capacity for value addition where products and services we provide would bring in more than expected. This will be an overflow from Investment in Research, Investment in Technology, giving proper training to our farmers, pest control and the dependence on irrigation systems to water our crops.
5 | Youth Employment


To become a source of employment to the numerous youth who are without work, a place to undertake National Service in order to gain some employable skills as well as training the future entrepreneurs who would want to start their own agro businesses.
6 | Ready Markets


To be a source of ready market for farmers who produce their own crops. This is to help reduce post harvest loss on the part of these farmers and also give them some sort of confidence to produce more and not have doubts of how their produce are going to be sold.
7 | Post Harvest Loss

Post Harvest Lost

Important in many developing countries, particularly in Africa, are on-farm losses during storage, when the grain is being stored for auto-consumption or while the farmer awaits a selling opportunity or a rise in prices. Wikipedia says “Grains may be lost in the pre-harvest, harvest and post-harvest stages.”
8 | Investment in Technology


To stop the total dependence on peasant and traditional farming practices and invest in technology to help boost food production. Using technology in farming means meachanisation. For this to be achieved, we have started with research exchange as well as collaboration in machinery and technical exchange.