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Hunger? It could be a thing of the past...!

Events & News

The First General Assembly of Agro-Corps Ghana is underway …it started at exaclty 15.15 hours CET …the General Secretary Mr. Fred Addo opened the Meeting, with an opening prayer by Rev. Serebuor…!

At the Moment the Chairman of AgroCoprs Ghana Mr. Dwamena Yeboah is giving his speech…!

First General Assembly

Agro-Corps Ghana cordially invites You as a participant to our First General Assembly Date:       5th July 2014 Venue:   Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY Time:      14:00 hours to 17:30 hours Our mission is empowering farmers through efficient rural cooperative development and creation of small and medium Agro-processing industries in order to add value to farm products which helps increase revenues of farmers and rural sustainable job creation ventures. Best Regards, Frederick A. ADDO [General Secretary. AGRO-CORPS GHANA] AGENDA

  1. Presentation of Agro-Corps Ghana projects.
  2. Individual share capital.
  3. Miscellaneous.

For further information please Contact Us …!



Click HERE to get registered. Please fill the form by leaving your details. We will get back to you asap

AGCO Africa Summit

The AGCO Africa Summit took place on 20-01-2014 in Berlin, Germany. Agro-Corps was there.

First General Meeting.

The First General Meeting is to be held in Frankfurt, Germany on 5th July 2014. Contact us to book a place.

Agco Jobs

You never know where your next JOB might come from.