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Hunger? It could be a thing of the past...!

ACG | Our Focus

Mechanised Farming

Wheat to Bread

Combine Harvestor

AgroCorps Ghana | Time to act is now...!

Our Mission

  • To promote rural participatory democracy in GHANA through rural cooperative development, civic education, and creation of agro-processing industries, promote rural eco-tourism and creating jobs promoted by these activities.
  • To pursue a humanitarian goal in GHANA, fight against poverty, famine, solutions to drought through irrigation projects, provide portable water and installation of solar panels, among many others
  • To pursue initiatives for peace and human rights, promote free and quality Education in rural areas through various means.
  • To encourage, promote and support all social and economic initiatives, all development programs and in solidarity with individuals and groups facing physical or mental distress throughout GHANA.
  • Help to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of curbing food security, eradicating hunger and poverty within the stipulated period by the United Nations.

AgroCorps Ghana | We have a purpose...!

To achieve its purpose AGRO-CORPS GHANA will use the following means:

  • With agro-industrial partnerships, associations of farmers, state aid and public partnership with European institutions through various technical assistance, new and used equipment for agricultural cooperatives, small and medium installations of agro-processing machineries , food preservation, to reduce post-harvest losses, but also to provide adequate food quality.
  • Assistance by industrial professionals to install agro-processing plants and also to train technicians and farmers.
    Partnerships with the local government to help better integrate young people into ecological, rural and sustainable jobs to stop rural-migration.
  • Through Conferences.

Partnerships | Research


Crop Research


Address: La Maison des Associations, 1a place des Orphelins, 67000 STRASBOURG, France.
Telephone: +33 (0) 3 8883 5801 || +33 (0) 6 7007 1310
BRANCHES WORLDWIDE: Ghana, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom and Denmark.

E-MAIL: contact@agrocorpsghana.org

Agro-Corps Ghana

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